flux.ai Experiencing Partial Outage

Net selection during and after wiring is busted
Solder mask negative expansion rendering issue on 2D
Adding a new wire in schematic deletes all traces
Cursors don't display for collaborators, but name tags do
No #1 dot on footprint silk
Bug when adding a new part after removing root layout
The nets viewer in schematic is showing wrong connections
3D View flashes yellow for a second when switching from 2D
3D model requires refresh after selecting a wrong asset
The Layers visibility selector doesn't save state for private projects
Cannot export to gerber
Cannot select wires in schematic and more wiring weirdness
Can't open the project
Changing Designator is not updated
Gerber export stuck in "Creating Gerber Export"
Solder mask cutouts are in the wrong place when using scale on the parent layout node
Simulator requires refresh to start working
Collada Exporter fails for larger boards
Trace disappeared for a moment when user clicked on routing touch point to end
Branchpoints display inconsistently
Wire jumps a long distance in some scenarios
Air wires should not be displayed inside footprints
Components get dropped at 0,0 instead of at mouse position in PCB footprint
[Prod,Release,Main] Project crash
Alignment guide shows pins are aligned but connecting wire still has two segments; unable to click-select or drag middle wire segment
Weird ruleset Selection Criteria behaviour
User was able to reposition Fill by dragging them
Setting an invalid SVG string as a shape asset crashes the application
Metamodules appear in the wrong position until camera position has been adjusted
Select box appearing together with drag to trace
[Prod] Manufacturer Part Numbers appearing as silk text
using back button from stripe payment page doesn't show NUX dialog anymore
SMD pads' pin names on the top copper are visible over bottom fill
Syntax for fills(1mm) on keep out is broken
Traces get removed when updating routes in schematic


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Net selection during and after wiring is busted

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Regression: Cannot Move components in Layout Editor using drag (only with arrow keys)
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